The summer of 2020 can safely be called a special summer. The global pandemic has had a major impact on our daily lives. In the meantime, the rules have been relaxed and people can travel almost safely again. Because there are still some risks a lot of people choose to stay a little shorter at home this summer. Hotel Amosa is an ideal base for such occasions. Ower location is ideaal to know the bustling city of Liège, with all its sights and activities. In the evenings Liege is a lovely city with a pleasant entertainment life, during the day an ideal starting point to get acquainted with the Ardennes. In our website menu you can find a range of information about the city of Liège and its surroundings. About all the possibilities that the Ardennes offer you, we try to give you an impression to reffer you to the sightseeing and activities which the Ardennes offer you.